I want to INSPIRE a lot of my kapwa Pinoys out there to use our TIME well, so that we can SERVE God, our family, and our community a bit more.

Sabi nga ni  Bro. Bo Sanchez, “Work on your relationships… relationships need renewal or they die…”

Even though I know how to find time already, I still feel that it is not enough. I mean, I still missed a lot of my children’s performances at school especially with the work schedule that I have.

I still need to do more at home to HELP my wife in her everyday chores na walang katapusan. Sana mabasa ni wifey ito. LOL.

Being in a parish community, I feel that we can serve more kay Lord in the other ministries na meron ang parish namin.

Also, as a member of the Couples For Christ (CFC), I feel that we can still serve more by evangelising more couples to know GOD’s LOVE through the use of social media, blogs, etc.

Madami pa tayong dapat gawin so we need to Make More Time which leads me to the second part of my goal…

I also want my kapwa Filipinos, even though we are so BUSY, to LEARN how to EARN online and you can follow me in my journey through my blogposts.

My goal is for you and me, to move away from our current day jobs (sana hindi mabasa ni boss ito. LOL) and to FOCUS in the income streams that our VIRTUAL CAREER will generate.

Ang the best kasi kapag ONLINE? you can have customers and employers anywhere in the world, and you can do it maski saan basta you have the right tools, gadgets, and internet connection. 😊

But just for you to know, I’m still not an expert (YET), but I have years of learnings and I also have mentors that I follow.

The only thing missing is IMPLEMENTING what I learned and I’m DOING it right now, and the best thing is I’m SHARING this with you.

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God bless! 😊