Camp Fearless 2023 – Day 1

The Day of Excitement Arrived

Finally, the long-awaited day had come—Friday, 14th of July—Day 1 of Camp Fearless. Bags were packed, musical instruments and our mini sound system ready to go.

Eli and Ishy, our Teeny Titans, were buzzing with excitement and a touch of nervousness as they embarked on their first YFC Entry Camp adventure as part of the service team.

A Team of Unwavering Support

In the face of pressure, the 30-strong YFC service team found solace in knowing they were not alone. They have an incredible support system surrounding them, including their Titos and Titas from CFC, YFC coordinators, and the YFC leaders. But above all, they have the unwavering support of our Lord Jesus Christ—the ultimate source of their talents, abilities, knowledge, and everything in between.

Setting the Stage with Enthusiasm

Bright and early, the South Chapter YFC coordinators, Tito Roge and Tita Jane, alongside Bunbury’s YFC coordinator, Tito James (insert Tita Diana), Belmont’s Dynamic Duo Tito Jess and Tita Cris, and the incoming South Chapter YFC coordinators, Tita Ampy and yours truly (Tito Doni), joined forces with the energetic YFC service team. Together, they created a buzz of excitement as they set up and prepare the camp venue for the incredible journey ahead.

Praise, Worship, and Divine Focus

Preparations kicked off with a powerful praise and worship session led by the cool and calm Lance A.

This spirited start set the perfect tone, directing our focus and lifting the entire camp to the loving embrace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Hearts soared, voices harmonized, and spirits aligned as we embarked on this faith-filled adventure.

The Arrival Extravaganza

Around 5:30 PM, the much-anticipated moment arrived—the youth participants of Camp Fearless 2023 started pouring in, accompanied by their parents and an array of luggage that would make any airport proud. LOL.

It’s a scene reminiscent of a bustling terminal, with bags and suitcases galore. The excitement was visible as some participants can’t contain their enthusiasm, their eyes shining with anticipation.

Others exuded a cool and calm demeanor, while a few mysterious souls kept to themselves. Amidst this vibrant mix, fashionistas flaunted their style, and others opted for a laid-back and casual vibe.

The diversity of personalities set the stage for a truly memorable experience.

Welcoming with Open Arms

As the Camp Fearless service team caught sight of the incoming invitees, their excitement and love overflowed.

With open arms and warm smiles, they greeted every participant, radiating a genuine eagerness to welcome them into the entry camp.

The atmosphere brimmed with warmth and acceptance as friendships began to bloom.

The CFC Boost

Adding an extra boost of energy and passion, the CFC service team from South Chapter unit C, plus more from the other Chapters, including the CFC Leaders arrived to make Camp Fearless 2023 even more extraordinary.

Their tireless dedication to serving God was truly unmatched, and their presence amplified the spirit of unity and love.

Among the CFC heroes on Day 1, we had the legendary Sis Marla, Master Chef of the Kitchen Team.

Rumor had it that her culinary creations were so irresistible they should come with a “proceed with caution” sign.

Watch out for her mouthwatering viands—they might just make you forget about counting calories! LOL.

Nighttime Guardians and Rule Enforcers

When the sun set, a special group of individuals stepped up to ensure the safety and order of the camp.

The marshals, selfless protectors of the night, bravely stayed on duty until midnight even though the weather was freezing cold.

They were followed by another dedicated batch, keeping watch until the wee hours of the morning, safeguarding all of us—especially the youth—and ensuring that rules were followed.

They took their duty seriously, yet they did it with a touch of love.

Conclusion: A Joyful Beginning

Camp Fearless 2023 officially kicked off with separate orientation sessions for participants and parents.

Lance A. and Sharie F., with the assistance of camp servant leaders Nat and Isha, guided the youth through an engaging and enlightening orientation, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey.

Simultaneously, Tito Roge led the parents in their own orientation, providing valuable insights and reminders for their children’s camp experience.

With prayers as the first and last thing we did in both sessions, as well as in all the other parts of the program, we began the journey of Camp Fearless on a joyful note.

As Session 1 commenced, Sharie F. took the stage to deliver a talk on God’s Love and His Plan for Us—an eye-opening and heartwarming exploration of faith.

The session was further enriched by sharers Andre and Isha, who talked about their personal experiences and insights.

Engaging discussions, guided by Discussion Group Leaders (DGLs), followed suit, ensuring that every participant’s voice was heard and cherished.

As the day drew to a close, participants retreated to their rooms, suitcases and backpacks in tow, for a well-deserved rest (or perhaps some late-night chats).

Lights-out at 10:30 PM, but who knows if the excitement will let anyone sleep? The adventure had just begun, and laughter echoed in the hallways as dreams of tomorrow danced in their heads.

Stay tuned and more about Camp Fearless Day 2 in my next blog post!

And for that may God be praised!

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