Financial Breakthrough 2023

Our family usually end our year with a plan and goal setting for the following year. We started doing this since December of 2012 and I can’t actually believe this… grabe 10 years na pala namin ginagawa ito! 

We also include our children during our goal setting. If I can remember right, it was in 2017 that both our kids have their own goals as well.

But planning and goal setting for this year was different. 

First, we’ve ordered the Better Life Journal from Dean Graziosi. Yey! Here we are posing with our journals! LOL.

According to Dean, through journaling, our lives will be changed in 4 ways:

1. Our daily routine will become action-based.

2. We’ll learn the 5 simple steps to maximizing our creativity and crushing our goals.

3. We’ll have more focus and harmony, so the people we care about can benefit from our improved lifestyle.

4. We’re now on the path toward our next level of life, and once you reach it, you’ll only keep going up!

Sounds good, right?! Have you already tried journaling? You can share in the comments below what results did it give you in terms of achieving your goals or improving your productivity.

Anyway, right before the year ended, on Dec. 31, the whole family attended the online mini-retreat of Bro. Bo Sanchez called “Uncluttered”. We also made that event as our planning and goal setting for 2023.

The way Bro. Bo guided us were through these simple questions that he called “3-2-1… Action! Plan” or the 3 Blessings, the 2 Lessons, and 1 Goal. Then take Action! Galing talaga makaisip ni Bro. Bo noh?! 

So, each of our family member, with the Better Life Journal that we had, wrote our 3 blessings in 2022, followed by the 2 lessons that God gave us through the challenges that changed us forever.

Lastly, he then asked us to write what were our 3-5 goals for 2023. Out of these goals, what was the No. 1 or the most important goal that we will focus to achieve in 2023.

By the way, these goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound or in short, it should be SMART.

After writing all of our blessings, lessons, and goals, the next step for a meaningful and fruitful 2023 is to take ACTION! 

To ride in with the momentum that we did at the end of 2022 and the start of 2023, we followed up our great start by attending Bro. Bo’s online seminar entitled “Financial Breakthrough 2023”.

According to Bro. Bo, breakthrough gives change. It is a turning point that changes the course of life, it is a series of events or turning points.

But before a breakthrough, there is a break down and this pushes you out of your comfort zone. I have heard this so many times, from preachers, coaches, mentors, that in order to level up, or in order for us to achieve our big dreams, we should get out of our comfort zone.

When we are doing the same thing over and over again, we fall into a trap of getting comfortable with the routines that we usually make. Like wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, take a bath, go to work, go home from work, dinner, watch K-drama, pray, then sleep. Then we do the same thing the following day.

Sabi nga ng kasamahan ko sa trabaho… “See yah mate! Let’s do this again tomorrow!”

Some of us are afraid to get out of our comfort zone because we are already contented with the routines that we are doing. We already know what will happen next. And because we are already familiar, we feel secure that whatever problems we will face, we can handle it easily.

On the other hand, being out of our comfort zone, we are in an unfamiliar territory and more often than not, some of us does not like the feeling of being uncertain. Nakaka-anxious kasi at hindi natin alam ano mangyayari. Like venturing into a business, minsan takot tayo magcommit into having our own business because we are afraid na baka malugi even if we have the financial capacity or the knowledge to do it.

We will definitely encounter problems when we go into business and one of the best skills that we can have is having a proper mindset. If we got problems, we can get help and advice from the experts, or yung mga may experience na. We can also surround ourselves with like-minded people, positive thinkers, etc.

Bro. Bo also mentioned about Aspiration Vs. Acceptable but for now, I’ll just leave it at that because I just forgot how he explained it. LOL. This will be updated anyway.

Let’s continue…

So, there are 3 elements of a breakthrough:

1. Change Your Story – if you like to level up, improve your skills, earn more, bless more people, serve more, learn more, then you have to change your story. You can learn something of value, discover your skills, harness your existing skills, etc. From these, you can start to serve other people and might monetize your service.

2. Change Your standards – if noon ok na syo yung living from paycheck to paycheck, try to change that mindset by thinking of perhaps earning passive income that would help you financially in the long run. Right now, I’m still living from paycheck to paycheck but I’m starting to realize that if that will be my standard for the rest of my life, then my family’s in trouble. With the rising cost of basic goods and services, rising interest rates especially now that we have a mortgage to pay for and a house to maintain, our salaries won’t be keeping up with the rising inflation rate.

3, Change your system – design your life, reject junk mental garbage. You also want to change people you hang out with and change your media as adviced by Bro. Bo.

For me, we can make a decision to design our lives into a better one every year. Let’s make it one step at a time. Example, if we tend to be seeing things negatively, like me, let’s see things positively. LOL. I mean, let’s be grateful when it’s very hot at night and we can’t sleep. Let’s just be thankful that we have a roof over our heads and a soft bed under our backs.

Be thankful for the food that your wife or husband cook for you everyday even though you don’t like it, or the taste is off or he/she doesn’t cook like your mother.

Regarding the people your hang out with, you don’t just stop talking to them or being with them. Keep them still but join more like-minded groups, prayerful and service-oriented communities like the Couples for Christ (ehem… ehem…) and if you can, evangelise your friends as well.

I believe there are many ways to help us achieve a financial breakthrough this year, 2023. Bro Bo has given us the blueprint through this seminar and we can follow up on this by continuing to follow him through his social media platforms like Facebook via his Full Tank episodes, maybe you can search him on YouTube and follow his talks.

You can also join the Truly Rich Club if you want to learn not just how to have a financial breakthrough but how to change your story, your standards, and your system.

This is by listening through the power talks, the financial trainings, free life-changing seminars, and so much more that are available in the Truly Rich Club membership site.

The screenshot below is just a small part of the actual content of the Power Talks. You can also see the Super Conference Access, Wealth Summit for next year (wow!), and many more!

If you are interested, feel free to visit The Truly Rich Club by clicking the link HERE.

By the way, Bro Bo is not just the person you can follow. There are a lot people out there that you can watch and listen to their inspiring stories, lectures, talks, etc. like Arun Gogna (“Umagang Kay Gogna”), Fr. Orbos’ daily mass homilies, Dean Graziosi, and many others.

And I would like to end this Financial Breakthrough 2023 seminar that I’ve just shared to you with a quote…

And for that may God be praised!


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