CFC First Fruit 2023

It was a very fruitful Sunday (no pun intented… LOL) as we served as the Music Ministry for the Eucharistic Celebration officiated by Father… teka tatanong ko muna… LOL. I’ll just update this post with the priest’s name.

Yes, the South Chapter Music Ministry was assigned to sing in the Holy Mass and the praise and worship for the Couples for Christ (CFC) First Fruit activity, the first cluster assembly of the year.

The First Fruit is an annual tradition of the CFC since 2004 as the prophecy was spoken clearly to our elders of the CFC International Council the year before. 

Basically, a part of the first blessings you have received at the start of the year will be offered to the Lord as written in Deuteronomy 26:10, “Now behold, I have brought the first of the produce of the ground which You, O Lord, have given me. And you shall set it down before the Lord your God, and worship before the Lord your God.”

If you want to know more, paki check na lang po here in the link: CFC First Fruit Tradition.

It was indeed a great feeling to serve our Lord, making more time for Him, by playing music, joining actively in the mass celebration, and the praise and worship.

Plus, we also learned a lot from the talk of Bro. Joel, North Chapter Leader such as the promises of our Lord Jesus Christ especially when we are generous not just with our treasures, but also with our time and talents.

The generosity of our Lord was in full display during the sharing of our brothers and sisters, including me and my wife (sis-wife Ampy, special mention syempre! LOL).

We also had a great time with our brothers and sisters in the community through fellowship where the talents of our brothers and sisters through cooking and serving food were felt as we were full in the stomach as well!

When you serve and make more time for the Lord,.. grabe, He will bless you talaga completely in body (food), mind (using your talents), and spirit (mass and praise and worship)!

And for that, may God be praised!!!

P.S. this just in… the priest’s name was Fr. Andrew Albis. Shout out to Bro. Ramil M.