Attn: Busy working moms, busy working dads, busy church servants, busy entrepreneurs, basta yung madaming ginagawa

How to convert your internet browsing and social media skills into a more productive and profitable virtual/online career.

Give me just an hour of your day (except weekends, alam na kung bakit 😅) or just 5 hours a week, and over the next 52 weeks I’ll show you how to properly earn sa internet para hindi naman masayang ang mga skills that you were using for a long long time already. But why 52 weeks naman? Tagal naman… Busy nga kasi tayo. LOL.

You Might Ask... Are These Lessons For Me? Why is it FREE?

Yes! These lessons are for you even if you...

are so very busy because you have two jobs, a baby or a toddler to take care of, or you also have church service on weekends.

believe that you don't have the skills to do this. In fact, God has given us talents that we need to discover to bless others.

have tried selling online, like making posts of the product and ask your FB, Insta friends to PM or DM you because this is not like that.

are shocked, hindi makapaniwala na someone who gives lessons like this should ay dapat may bayad. Kaso FREE talaga!

think na baka may CATCH ito kasi FREE, walang bayad kasi... wala, wala talagang CATCH.

fear na baka scam ito and you need to pay or invest a certain amount and your money will grow in 3 months! ito po ay FREE.