CFC International Leader's Conference 2023

Saturday, 23 January, 2023, The Couples For Christ (CFC) held the International Leader’s Conference in the Philippines at the PICC which was jampacked with our  faithful brothers and sisters from all over the country and the world.

From there, it was broadcasted to the Live Engagement sites namely, Pampanga, Misamis Oriental, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Laguna, Singapore, and here in Perth, Australia!

As far as I can remember, this was my and my sis-wife’s first time to attend a CFC International event, and even though online lang sya, we were so blessed to experience a big event like this!

Moreso, it was also our first time to serve in this very lively, exciting, and informative international event. I was with the technical team, making sure that the broadcast from the Philippines to Australia was working and the instructions from the Managing Director were followed. 

There were so many of our brothers and sisters who also served in this awesome event as music ministry, worship leader, sound system, the leaders and volunteers who worked in the background and many more!


From left, our camera man and photographer, Bro. Sonny. The sound sytem master, Bro Jay. The broadcaster, Bro. Kit who is the South Chapter Leader as well. Me, the assistant to the technical director, Bro. Joel (not in photo). The drummer and assistant to the assistant broadcaster, Bro. Carlos, who is also our Cluster Head. And last but not the least, the Camera woman, Sis Lyn, who is also the Sis-wife of our Cluster Head.

The event started with the praying of the Holy Rosary as a whole community all over the world. It was then followed by the opening worship. Each of the 7 Live Engagement sites had their own praise and worship and ours was led by Bro. Nhormar and accompanied by the CFC-WA music ministry.

It was an uplifting praise and worship which carried our spirits up that kept us going throughout the conference.

After the praise and worship, the theme for this year, 2023, was officially announced to be “Christ Heals! Rise, Pick Up Your Mat and Go!”

Next up was for the program was the talk for Session 1 entitled: “Christ Heals! Rise!” which was delivered by Bro. Rudy Gaspillo, the CFC ANCOP Chairman. After which,  Session 2, entitled: “Pick Up Your Mat And Go Home was presented by Bro. Joe Yamamoto, our CFC Chairman and President.

There were also inspiring sharers for each of the talks that will make you realize that indeed God never abandons us, as He always has a great plan for us!

Then right before the conference was over, we had our praisefest, and again, it lifted us up as we worshiped the Lord through singing, music, and prayers.

Following the praisefest was the celebration of the Holy Mass presided by His Eminence, Jose F. Cardinal Advincula Jr. DD, Archbishop of Manila with like 10 other priests beside him. How we wished that we got one of their priests as there were no available priests for our own to celebrate the Holy Mass. LOL. 

However, it was still a big blessing as we were able to celebrate the Holy Eucharist with our brothers and sisters in the Philippines maski online lang, which was presided by the Archbishop of Manila, and we were able to hear again, the beautiful music and voices singing the familiar songs of the mass parts that we haven’t heard and sang for a long while.

It was indeed a very fruitful, meaning, spirit-filled International Leader’s Conference and it was an honor and fulfilling to serve our CFC community once again and most importantly, to serve our Lord Jesus Christ!

And for that may God be praised!